Colossians 1:27 " To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.."


(Following information from History of Randall United Methodist Church, Bicentennial issue 1984 pp. 7-9 compiled by Marie S. Leist and committee.) Bishop Asbury made his first visit to John Randall's "Dumb John's" on February 15, 1785.

"Preached at John Randall's. I feared my horse would lose his sight and borrowed one from John Randall." (Journal, Vol. I pg.482)

In Bishop Asbury's Journal Vol. I pg. 462 a footnote taken from Grissom op. cit. 248 the following information is found.

"Services were first conducted in the Randall home until the numbers increased to the extent that the home would not hold them, at which time services were held under a brush arbor located on the northwestern corner of what is now the present location of Randall Church..."

During the next twenty years Bishop Asbury visited Randalls several times as evidenced by the following notes from his Journal:

"Friday, April 3, 1789 -- Preached at Randalls. I want more faith, patience and resignation to the will of God in all things. I wish to send an extra preacher into Waxhaw to preach to the Catabaw Indians (note spelling). They have settled amongst the whites on a tract of country 12 miles square." (Vol. I, p. 595)

"Sunday April 5, 1789. Joined by Dr. Coke. He preached at Randalls. He stayed with me for some time. We had a move while he was preaching. Some souls were brought to experience peace with God." (Vol. I p. 595)

"Sat. & Sun., December 20, 1793 -- Spent Sat. and Sun. at John Randalls. Felt so poorly I did not preach. George McKinney of Caswell Circuit and J ohnathan Bird of Anson Circuit preached. On Sunday evening I gave a family discourse at Wyatt Randalls." (Vol. I p. 777)

"Friday November 16, 1798 -- Traveled unknown road from Wood's upon Uwharrie River to Henry Ledbetter's near Randall's across the Yadkin River. Difficulty in crossing river. Preached at Henry Ledbetters's on Hebrew X: 23 & 24 and at John Randall's on 2 Cor. VI:1" (Vol I p. 178)

"Sun. Feb. 23, 1800. Randalls Church -- gave discourse after Brother Smeltom on 1 Samuel XII: 23." (Vol. II p.225)

"Mon. Feb. 24, 1800 -- Came to Henry Ledbetter's." (Vol II p. 225)

"Mon. Dec. 7, 1804 -- Arrived at John Randall's (Dumb John). Rested Sat. Sun. At Randalls Church I preached upon Gal. V:9. In the evening, I visited our former brother, my friend, Thompkins. He was expelled for selling a slave. The Lord is amongst the coloured people in this family." (Vol II p. 449)

"December 25, 1805 -- Was informed of the death of the wife of "Dumb" John Randall. She died in great peace and joy after 30 years profession of religion amongst the Baptists and the Methodists." (Vol. II)

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